• Private Chef LaKeisha Houston
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  • Asian
  • Caribbean
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  • Mexican
  • Modern American
  • Southern
  • Spanish

Signature dish:  

Shrimp and Grits

About Me

Hi my name is Chef Kee’s I’ve worked at my school restaurant Le Bistro, Phil & Derek’s, Jim Benton’s, The Houston Zoo (who also has food service), and just recently Abby’s Catering. I’m serv safe certified & very knowledgeable. I came across Table at Home while I was looking for options to prepare meals in a more intimate setting. Preparing mouth-watering dishes for my Family, your Family or ppl in general is an absolute highlight for me. Being able to see their faces light up after enjoying something I’ve prepared means the most!
We are called Kee’s Kreative Kitchen for many reasons. We are able to create all genres of food. Let Us know what your interests are and we will curate a special menu. For you & your guests with ease.
I really don’t have a specialty as I am fluid in cuisine and pastry!
My preference to partake in mostly is Southern, Italian, Tex Mex, Seafood, & Mexican 😋

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