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Signature dish:  

Harissa Pork Belly

About Me

Hello! My name is Asher, and I am living my fulfilled life as both an Aerospace Engineer and a Private Chef. Over the last 5 years I have developed my passion for cooking as my main creative outlet and have spent the majority of my time outside my day job exploring and finding new inspiration in the world of food. After studying Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, I moved to New Orleans for a year and got a taste for food that was developed out of passion, not just convenience. When Covid hit, I challenged myself to cook every meal I ate for 3 straight months, never repeating the same thing more than once. Whenever I went shopping, if there was an ingredient I didn’t recognize I forced myself to buy it and figure out how to use it.
Moving to LA took this dedication to another level, as I have found so much to offer in its gastronomical creativity and abundant produce. I stopped shopping at grocery stores in favor of the numerous farmers markets in the area, and my cooking style has grown to embrace seasonal produce, using what the land offers to create new and inventive recipes instead of the other way around. Doing work at The Rose Cafe and Felix Trattoria, as well as throwing dozens of private dinners for clients all over the city, has honed my skills to truly bring art to the table with my food.
An academic at heart, I have grown to appreciate all the nuances and stories that go into each ingredient on the plate and love sharing my knowledge with others. Hiring me as a private chef grants you more than just a meal. I promise to make it a learning experience where you can feel connected to the process and the story behind the food as you’re eating.

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  • Chef Asher was Amazing to say the least. Very professional and I enjoyed his enthusiasm for the dishes and his love of cooking. Assistant Julie was super kind and sweet. Both made this experience one for the books. You can taste the freshness of each dish, especially since he went to the farmers market the morning of! Every dish was flavorful, delicious, and made with True Love! My husband was in love with all the dishes. I’m not a Vegan and these were delicious and hearty! I will seek Chef Asher for any dinner parties in the future. Bravo Chef!

    • Worked on July 9, 2022
  • Asher was absolutely incredible! This was a birthday gift to my very close friends and he truly out did himself. Firstly, he was so charming and engaging, professional and efficient. Now the food, oh my god, it was absolutely delicious! Mind you, my friends are big into hosting and cooking and for them to say someone was fantastic, you know they must have blown it out of the water. I think its fair to say the Asher is my new best friend! If you want an enjoyable and delicious experience, you need to book, Asher! 10/10!

    • Worked on May 21, 2022
  • Chef Asher provided an absolutely exquisite experience for our bachelor party! Every course was a home run, and we appreciated the detailed overview before each dish was served. I would not hesitate to book Chef Asher for a future event, and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Chef Asher, for an unforgettable night!

    • Worked on April 9, 2022