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Signature dish:  

Pretzel bread dumplings

About Me

My passion for cooking began when I was very young, I remember going to the vocational highschool where my Grandfather taught culinary arts for “take your child to work day.” I was mesmerized by the buzz of the kitchen and when I turned 14 I began washing dishes and making pancakes at a breakfast restaurant in Ohio where I grew up. As I got into highschool I would attend the vocational school where my grandfather had taught and later decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America for college. After College I moved to Cleveland, Ohio and worked through Jonathon Sawyers kitchens the Greenhouse Tavern and Trentina where I climbed the ranks to Sous Chef. After a few years in Cleveland I moved to Nashville to work for Chicago native and Chef Ryan Poli at the famed tasting menu chefs counter The Catbird Seat. After a year in Nashville I moved here to Chicago to work under Chef Sarah Grueneberg at Monteverde where I further fell in love with Italian food. Most recently I’ve been a sous chef for Chef Andrew Zimmerman at Michelin starred Sepia.

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