• Private Chef Stephanie San Diego
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  • Italian
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Signature dish:  

Lasagna al Forno

About Me

Home chef with private chef experience and 12+ years in the restaurant industry. Huge foodie! Well traveled and diverse ethnic cooking experience. Dabble in mixology as well! Capable of doing wine/beer/alcohol pairings. Trained on a smoker – even smoked a Turkey at Thanksgiving (also unusual items like eggplant and fish!) I’m also a skilled baker of cakes, pies, pastries, cookies – I can even bake items low carb and all natural that taste amazing! I personally lost 84lbs and have been cooking and eating low carb with a focus on non-gmo, organic, grass fed, whole food ingredients. I can also cook vegan, vegetarian, keto, whole30, paleo and more! I’m also awesome at comfort food, Italian food of many regions, upscale foodie food! Looking forward to making your meals memorable and your belly happy!

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