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Signature dish:  

Seafood Paella

About Me

We are a personalized culinary experience company based in Massachusetts. My self and Chef Rossy bring the fusion food and fun to the comfort of your desired space.
We will take care of everything, from designing the menu, purchasing the ingredients, to cleaning your kitchen afterwards. We’ll even decorate your dining table with a beautiful tablescape and bring the tableware (cloth napkin, plates, utensils) for a fee.
I (Chef Jonil) was born in Puerto Rico to Dominican parents and raised between New York and Miami, where I discovered my love for entertaining and feeding guests. I’m lucky enough to have grown up in a family of chefs and restaurateurs that helped develop my hobby into a profession. I love to cook Fusion cuisine because it encompasses who I am…a multicultural person that loves to create dishes by using a variety of international ingredients and techniques. I consider the plate my canvas and the kitchen my studio, and feel the best version of myself comes through when I create dishes without limitations. I relish playing with recipes, decorating table escapes, and listening to music.
Chef Rossy was born and raised in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. She loves sweets and one of her passions is helping marginalized populations. She is currently pursuing a degree in nutrition and hopes to combine her academic knowledge with her passion for baking. She loves the French pastry style because of its beauty, fineness, technique, unique flavors, and textures. Her favorite cuisines are Dominican, Asian, Italian, and Mexican.

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