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About Me

Hey there, I’m Chef Andres. NY was my template of cooking for the last 10 years. My passion for food started when my parents were busy working and all there was to eat was canned food. After a while canned food gets boring and as a kid I wanted to try new things. I grew up playing soccer as a career and after an ankle injury I needed to stay busy. At 20 I was lost and needed a new direction in life, Hells Kitchen was a favorite show that had intensity just like soccer and I was hooked! Thank goodness to cooking I have found myself adoring and respecting food, the same way I did for the sport of soccer. Under my belt I have some seasoned cooking skills as well as other international techniques and flavors. I don’t want to write much here because like a true cook, I’ll let my food do the talking for me.
Take care,
Chef Andres

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