Appetizers (Choose 2):
- Charcuterie cones
- Mezze Graze board with pita bread and fruits ( mediterranean board)
- Feta & Melon bites
- Veg Kebabs (Chef's special & hot seller)
- Chicken Kebabs (Chef's special & hot seller)
- Garlic Shrimp
- Asian Crispy Chicken poppers with sesame seeds
- Veggies cups with Hummus & chef special dip
- Chicken/beef sliders

Main (Choose 1):
- Lamb chops with french herb de provence ( Chef's signature)
- Chef's special 12 hour marinated beef steak
- Crab in special garlic butter sauce (Chef's special & hot seller)
- Baked lobster tails with parmesan cheese
-Thai Basil Chicken/Beef with Beans & peppers
- Mediterranean Chicken casserole with kalamata olives
- Butter chicken Masala (Chef's special & hot seller)
- Malaysian shrimp roast (Chef's special & hot seller)

Side(Choose 1) :
- French gratin de pomme de terre
- Tossed asparagus in Cognac
- French sauteed potatoes
- Mediterranean royal pilaf with cashews and sultana
- Garlic bread rolls
- Classic ratatouille
- Greek Salad with kalamata olives

Dessert (Choose 1) :
- French Dark chocolate cake with berries
- French classic tarte tatin with vanilla bean ice cream ( reverse apple tart)
- Homemade tiramisu
Other Infomation

Hello Jody,
I am Chef Kunj and I am a veteran chef of over 2 decades in providing fine dining & luxurious, private experiences. I specialize in International cuisines like French, Italian, Indian, Asian, Mexican, Cajun, Caribbean and Latin, to name a few, so I can offer you a very large selection of dishes and menus. I use holistic approach toward food and my dishes are well balanced without being overwhelming mass of ingredients. I always make sure the ingredients I use are of top quality. I offer my clients not just a meal, but it is a sensory experience which give feast for eyes, nose, taste and feeling contentment.  
Before taking any event I do a detailed discussion with my clients to offer them dishes based on their preferences, budget and type of event. I work WITH YOU to offer what works FOR YOU.
And to top it all, I come along with my highly skilled team of bartender & servers to cater all requirements big & small.
I would be happy to work with you to make this a one of a kind dinner for your dad!!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Chef Kunj

PS- I do understand the menu will be discussed directly with your dad, however to revert on your request on this website, I do have to send a sample menu and pictures.

Meal for 6 on 26 July 2021