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Signature dish:  

Shrimp and Grits

About Me

My name is Sydnie, and I am a self taught chef! I started my way in the hospitality industry at the age of 16 as a dishwasher at the original Chef & I. From there I worked very hard and passionately up through the ranks. I’ve worked under Gerard Craft at Pastaria Nashville as well as Maneet Chauhan at Chaatable. I’ve also done a great deal of small private catering as well as very large, upscale weddings during my time as the Lead On-Site Chef at Dream Events & Catering. While I was working at The Chef & I, I was deeply immersed in high end catering. Thats where I truly find my passion – catering. I love creating intimate moments around food in the comfort of the client’s home or wherever they have decided to have a get together. I find joy in being involved in someone’s life event and giving them the opportunity to indulge and engage with their guests over a menu that was made special for them.

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