• Private Chef Demeatrie Austin
  • African
  • Asian
  • Caribbean
  • French
  • Fusion
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle Eastern
  • Modern American
  • Southern

Signature dish:  

Golden Beet Hummus

About Me

Hello all of you wonderful individuals out there in the universe. My name is Demeatrie and I am here to be your culinary ma”gypsy”. Half magician/half gypsy when it comes to what I do and how I do it. That is the easiest term to use for someone like myself that has lived in more countries than US cities. My background includes a Creole mother and a Nigerian/German father that are both Army veterans. I am a USAF Veteran myself that grew up in between Germany & Louisiana, respectfully. While active duty, I served in England & South Korea before landing in Honolulu, where I attended culinary school that was part French, part Pacific inspired. That means I am not afraid of embracing many different flavors and use them to inspire every portion of all dishes and menus that I create. I am also proficient in providing high quality vegan, vegetarian & gluten free dishes. No one should feel left out in any way. I focus on providing casual yet elevated chef services by way of personalized events, date nights, group gatherings, cooking classes, etc. The main goal is to foster camaraderie and create memories by framing it all with dope food.

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