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I am vaccinated and have gotten boostered. I am a young personal chef that has experience corporate and association events. I am classically trained in culinary arts and have worked in fine dinning restaurants as chef and front of the house manager. I am experienced in making menus for all dietary needs. I also have a degree in Nutrition Science and Culinary Arts. Have a wealth of knowledge in libations and wines, as well.

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  • Chef was so amazing! The food was delicious and my 10 guests were so pleased with the entire dinner party! We laughed, we had fun and we ate perfectly cooked and paired food! I would totally do this again and have Chef Cashimiere cook for us! One of the best ways to celebrate my 50th birthday! 🥳

    • Worked on December 22, 2023
  • Chef Cashimiere made an incredible feast! We all had such a wonderful time! Thank you!

    • Worked on December 9, 2023
  • I was really looking forward to hiring a professional private chef for my first time hosting thanksgiving. I interviewed a couple of chefs but was impressed by chef cashmiere’s reviews. Unfortunately, my experience was not the greatest. The food was good, and he was engaging. I noticed in two occasions that as he was talking his spit went on the food, I ignored it as I didn’t want to let my family know. He grabbed my kitchen towel and placed it on the stove. I have an electric stove top. Not sure why but he turned it on. The plastic from kitchen towel got hot and left a mess in my electric stove top that I bought in April. My kitchen is white, which I love, it’s such a dream come true. I spent the whole weekend cleaning it, it was sticky and the worst was the stove. I bought a couple of cleaning products and tried cleaning hacks I found online. It looks better but there are still a lot of scratches, I get emotional seeing it as it is not fair, I did my best to take care of it and I paid for a professional chef/service. I reached out the the chef, he offered to come clean it but I already cleaned it, only other option is to replace it. He did not offer to help replace it and silenced my texts/notifications. The reason I reached out to him was so he was aware and be careful with other people’s kitchens. For many it might be just a kitchen but for me it symbolizes a dream come true and I worked so hard for my dream kitchen.

    • Worked on November 23, 2023
  • Cashimiere was AMAZING!!!! He was incredibly responsive to all communications and was at my house right when he said he would be. He brought all of his own supplies even down to a roll of paper towels and his own garbage bag.

    He got started right away and made his way through the kitchen as if he had been to my house before. He was engaging with the entire family, answering questions, all while making the cooking process look effortless.

    The food was INCREDIBLE!!! From the fresh baked cinnamon rolls, to the homemade sausage, and especially the delicious chilaquiles. The family will be talking about this meal for years to come.

    Cashimiere cleaned up and left the kitchen the way he found it when he first arrived. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. I would highly recommend him for a future meal or event.

    • Worked on May 14, 2023
  • Cashiemere was fantastic. Super organized and collaborative on the menu planning. His plates were both beautiful and delicious. He was warm, funny and easy going. An absolute pleasure and our guests were raving about him. We will definitely be working with me again!

    • Worked on May 6, 2023
  • Chef Cashimiere was excellent! We did an interactive dinner/cooking lesson. He adapted to our comfort level and the food was absolutely delicious. He’s a great chef and very knowledgeable on a variety of topics. We had a lot of fun and we highly recommend him!

    • Worked on March 25, 2023
  • The Chef was great to work with. Modified original offering to better meet our needs. He was able to serve the food timely while preparing and serving it by himself. He was flexible and added nicely to a special family occasion with 12 people that was set up by out of town hosts and held at an Airbnb with unknown resources.

    • Worked on February 25, 2023
  • Chef Cashimiere came to the rescue and pulled together a wonderful meal for my family of 9 at the last minute. The risotto was my favorite, and lobster cream cod was wonderful! He was prompt, organized, prepared, and a delight to work with. The kitchen was spotless when he left. Thank you, Chef!

    • Worked on January 21, 2023
  • Cannot recommend Cashimiere enough. We had such a wonderful time, and my guests were blown away by his food.

    • Worked on January 14, 2023
  • Everything was unreal! Cashimiere was very friendly, funny, and most of all an amazing chef. We all came in nervous about the experience because we’ve never done something like this before but I can now confirm I will 100% do this service again! I will definitely be using cashimiere again too! He was great at communication and was able to provide his own silverware when we didn’t have enough. He adjusted to suit my needs for dinner and was respectful of everyone running late! I can’t emphasize enough that Cashimiere made this the best 24th birthday I could have ever planned. Thank you chef.

    • Worked on September 26, 2022
  • Chef Cashimiere was a pleasure to work with! The food was amazing, and we were even able to make a few last minute requests with ease! We would definitely recommend Chef Cashimiere for your next dinner party.

    • Worked on October 18, 2022
  • Chef Cashimiere was outstanding in every way! We had a small birthday party for my mother at her home for immediate family, and we were blown away with how delicious and delectable his food was. He makes everything from scratch, including the burrata and the gelato. The tomatoes he used in the salad and in the pasta sauce were home grown. You could taste the freshness in every bite and we spent the whole evening talking about how fantastic everything was tasting. His personality was so warm and fun and just made the evening wonderful.

    • Worked on September 24, 2022
  • Chef Cashimiere was very professional, a delight to interact with, and he went above and beyond to make sure all dietary restrictions were met and even the picky eaters had plenty to eat. Everything was delicious. I would highly recommend him.

    • Worked on October 1, 2022
  • Chef Cashiniere gave my husband a birthday to remember! Food was amazing - every dish was thoughtfully selected and made from scratch. To boot, he was super personable and left my kitchen cleaner than he found it! 5 stars for sure!!

    • Worked on January 15, 2022
  • Chef Cashimiere accommodated many requests such as considerable travel, multiple entrees, and presentations for guests with special needs. The food was uniformly above our lofty expectations from appetizers to dessert. His assistant served graciously and made a one-in-a-lifetime event unforgettable. The tartines, halibut wrapped in potatoes, chicken, chocolate pot creme were favorites among our guests. And he handled a power outage in during preparation!

    • Worked on June 19, 2021