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  • Japanese
  • Modern American

Signature dish:  

Hokkaido scallop ceviche

About Me

I started off my culinary adventure when I was 20 yrs old. Like most 20 yr olds, not really knowing what to do for their career, I went into a humble local/family oriented sushi spot in Severna Park, MD (Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse). Willing to take any position they were hiring for, I was fortunate to get hired for a sushi position. From there the culinary adventure began.
Nakazawa (DC) ā€“ 1 Michelin star
Kappo Masa (Nyc) ā€“ 3 Michelin star
Sushi Seki (Nyc)
Nord Astur (Iceland) as the head chef
Kaz sushi bistro (DC)
Azumi (Baltimore) ,
Jazz and Soju (Baltimore) as the executive chef.

Negai sushi chef/owner where I provided on-site sushi bar for big corporate parties to intimate anniversaries.

I thrive off the pressure of taking on new tasks of creating something amazing to serve people who just loves good food! I love working with different ingredients to match an event to complete the mission of bringing texture, flavors and culture. Iā€™m a cook and I love what I do.

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