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Signature dish:  

Arctic Char, Turnips, Grapes

About Me

Growing up in middle Indiana, it wasn’t until later in life that I truly got to experience great food. I was an adult when I first got to taste beef tartare, caviar, or even perfect scrambled eggs. Those first bites were eye opening and life changing. After cooking my way through college, I moved to Chicago to pursue what had become my true passion of cooking. I have trained under Michelin Starred chefs including Paul Kahan, Lee Wolen, and Don Young as well as an alumn of Eric Ripert of Le Bernadine. Through this experience, I have become one of the most skilled seafood cooks in Chicago. I take a modern approach to classic cuisine, putting my own personality into familiar, and sometimes not so familiar, dishes. My guests often describe my cooking as personal and approachable yet creatively unexpected. Through whatever life throws at us I believe that food is the one constant in this life, and I desire nothing more than to create both great food and great company for you in your home.

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