Warm Oysters
Yuzu Kosho - Champagne Mignonette - Caviar

Vegetable Tempura & Endive
Market Vegetables - Zesty Garlic Citrus Dressing

Black Truffle - Potato Gnocchi - Brown Butter - Parmesan

NY Strip
Pomme Fondant - Sauce Au Poivre

Apple Tart
Madagascar Vanilla - Creme Fraiche
Other Infomation

Good Evening,

My name is Kristina, part of the team at Oxalis, 1 Michelin star restaurant in Brooklyn. I've been cooking in professional kitchens for over 7 years now and my favorite aspect of the job is being able to share and teach.

With the colder weather settling in, I chose some warm and comforting dishes with a touch of some luxury items that I find fitting for a special occasion such as a birthday! As for the dessert, something with lighter and fresher notes to complete the dinner. I'll be getting top products from local butchers, farmers markets, and specialties vendors in BK and Manhattan.

Food, Time, Travel & Clean-Up are all included in the pricing.
Message me with any questions, restrictions or if you'd like to fine tune anything and I'll get back to you ASAP. We can also talk further on how you'd like the cooking lesson to be structured so that everyone can enjoy.

Please check out my profile with some additional photos and more about me. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!


Meal for 6 on 23 January 2021