• Private Chef Alice Los Angeles
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Signature dish:  

Stuffed Fried Grits

About Me

Hi! I’ve been cooking since I was a child. Growing up in Philadelphia, food played a huge role in my childhood and community. To add, I was the only daughter in a family of all boys so even when I least appreciated it, I was expected to cook for the remaining of my family. For me, food is in my blood. I love creating flavorful., eye appealing and creative dishes. For me it’s not just about preparing a meal that my clients will enjoy at the moment, but preparing a meal that will forever be embedded in their memory. I’ve worked privately for the last 6 years hosting events and recently launched a weekly pop-up in North Hollywood. I specialize in Southern and Soul Food with a twist. What I’m most proud of is creating fusion dishes that maintain the integrity of my culture, but also will appeal to a wider genre of clients.

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