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Signature dish:  

The Happy Belly

About Me

Growing up in Puerto Rico, a place where anything you throw on the ground grows, I learned to develop a connection with the land and sea. Being surrounded by ingredients you didn’t go to the store for, but picked, raised, fished and harvested with your own hands definitely gave me a different view on them. I learned to respect ingredients, the value of their quality. I shop the best ingredients, not the best prices.
Cooking is a big part of our culture, it’s festive, usually the most awaited part of any gathering. With that I learned not only the gratification of enjoying a well cooked meal, but the amount of joy you can share with such a simple thing as a delicious plate of food.
As a professional I have worked in some of the best restaurants, hotels and catering companies in the industry. Trained under great hospitality role models and had the opportunity to serve amazing guests and clients at some of the most incredible and sometimes unexpected venues and locations.
I’ve dedicated and trained many hours both on and off the clock to become highly proficient in many types of cuisines. Not only for my own enjoyment, but to share it and bring that same joy a great cooked dish brings me to others.
Allow me to bring all of these years of curated culinary experience to your home and create amazing memories you will not only cherish but will definitely want to repeat.

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