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Signature dish:  

Seared Branzino

About Me

I have worked under Jill Hertzberg with the Jills Zeder Group for 7 years. I began my culinary career under her wing and have catered events aimed at attracting high end Brokers with clientele able to purchase these $10 million and up listings. Amongst hundreds of others I’ve organized culinary cocktail hours and invite only property tour lunches at homes of Tommy Hilfiger, Robert Wennett’s mind blowing Lincoln Road residence, Paul and Trudy Cejas’s home on Star Island and the Sunset Island home of international business man, Leszek Czarnecki. As I was working with the Jills full time I would only utilize my skills to assist with her clientele and help attract new business as well as promote my catering. In time and after many events, including catering for Ocean Drive parties and the Coco Plum annual Homeowners Association Christmas party, I began to cook privately and organize high end dinner parties. My clients included the Hertzberg family themselves, the very talented Dr. Diane Walder, Doug Kimmelman, Rick Rosen and several names in the CocoPlum circle I cannot disclose. After 5 years of trying to balance both jobs, with Jill Hertzberg’s blessing, I left to pursue my culinary career full time. During this period I went to work full time for Allison and Jay Bernstein. I was their private chef for their stay here on the Venetian Island and worked 7 days a week, 3 meals a day.

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