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Born and raised in New York, Chef Baby Jason learned to cook by watching his grandmother in the kitchen at a very young age. ”Watching her create incredible dishes with her southern style is where I developed my kitchen addiction.” Jason’s cousin owned a chain of restaurants in New Orleans then flourished as a restaurant consultant throughout Asia. This inspired Jason to explore the Culinary Arts as a business. Studying the masters and learning technique, he fell in love with feeding people while working as a Personal and Private Chef throughout Los Angeles County. Cooking and plating became an art form as every dish was a blank canvas to create magic. Tapping into his passion for music, each meal prepared for clients is accompanied by themed mixes played from different parts of the world. Wherever the recipes originate from, is what fuels the inspiration for an exciting experience of food and entertainment. Because cooking techniques vary widely, Chef Baby Jason puts his twist on the standard and shows his true creative talents.

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